“Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace- The Gathering Storm”

“Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace- The Gathering Storm”

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Stress & Anxiety – Navigating Workplace Challenges In The Next Decade

35.2 million working days were lost to work-related ill health in 2022/23, with stress, anxiety and depression accounting for almost 24 million of these. Source – CentreforMH_TheEconomicSocialCostsofMentalIllHealth.pdf
UK Businesses must cultivate a mentally robust workforce equipped with the mindset and belief systems essential for navigating today’s workplace challenges.

By providing Innovative training focussed on addressing prevalent workplace stress factors it is possible to equip employees with an improved ability to thrive amidst pressure and foster a culture of well-being and productivity. CPC’s services are designed to significantly reduce stress-related absenteeism, enhance employee engagement, and ultimately drive sustainable improvements in organisational performance and productivity.

Join us on 18th June to see how we can help you within your business.

Tony Wand and Nick Willey have together recently founded Cerebral Power Conditioning (CPC) with the aim of creating and delivering customised behavioural change programmes based on CBT principles for different levels of the workforce, aiming to cultivate stronger, spirited, minds and drive productivity gains. Bob Woodland is a Non-Executive Director of CPC.


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